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GnR one of Ms. Top Feminist Picks from the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

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“This is what theatre is meant to do: expose the audience to a different landscape –psychologically and physically — from their own where the only thing that stays the same is the human condition.”

Sheana Ochoa, Poetry Returns to the Theatre. Don’t miss Gracie & Rose

“Coon handles the story with warmth and compassion, bringing alternatively tears to my eyes and laughter to my heart….This is a timely play about a current issue that is only now being resolved – 50 years after the time the play is set. I highly recommend this play for everyone who believes in equality.”

– Bob Leggett, LA Arts Examiner

“This beautiful one-woman show kept me riveted to my seat from the moment it started through the final exit.  A great script, a powerful performance rooted in strong character work, and visceral imagery merge into a tour de force production that exemplifies what one-person theatre should be.  Bonus, this show featured strong production value for Fringe, showing that “simple” doesn’t have to mean stripped down to nothing.”

-Gregory Craft

“GRACIE AND ROSE is a beautifully written, directed and performed piece of theater that shines light upon a period of LGBT history that rarely gets much attention. Anastasia Coon has written a script with such care and love for her characters that it is palpable and obvious to the audience that she has painstakingly crafted every word of the book. Her acting is authentic, deeply emotional and sincere. This retro story of the lengths two lesbian women in the 50’s will go to to appear as a heterosexual married couple is balanced by Coon’s innate sexuality.  Che’Rae Adams direction is well thought out, simple and appropriately adaptable. She has created a world and framework for which Coons can bring the characters to life with clarity, compassion and seamless flow.  GRACIE AND ROSE is a beautiful night of theater. It is a piece that has been imbued with care, dignity and respect. It reminds one of the power of love and the rewards that come from putting one’s neck on the line to live a life beyond convention.  A DEFINITE MUST-SEE at this year’s Fringe!!!”

-Marc Francouer

“Anastasia has put together a truly captivating show. On top of the thoughtful set and sound designs, and Anastasia’s adept physical acting… the script itself is just moving. Full of passion and raw human love, the story of Gracie and Rose was skillfully crafted and told beautifully. I was pretty weepy by the end, and yet I wanted more.”

-Rati Gupta

“Anastasia Coon’s beautiful one woman show Gracie and Rose is everything you want in a theatrical experience. The set, the lights, the costumes, everything works together in this production quite nicely.  Taking everything into consideration, I thought the sound design became a bit too basic, and really overbearing, I would have loved this play with a violin accompaniment at times – it just felt too simple to me – and again – too loud, but that can easily be fixed. At times, I also questioned the choice to make this a solo show – like I said, it’s beautiful – 100% – but at times I found myself wishing Ms. Coon would differentiate more between each of her characters.  It’s a rare treat when an actor will bear their soul on stage for you – Gracie and Rose is just that, a rare, delicious, treat.”

-Alex Scott

“This show is a MUST!!! I enjoyed every minute of it. Each character has his/her own voice in each scene. The writing is so rich and specific. The topic is a tabu in many places still, and having someone to bring it up and make people curious to get some knowledge is an amazing job. Thank you to Anastasia and all the people that made this possible. I will go back to enjoy this piece again. I can’t wait!”

-Sheresade Poblet

“Beautifully written, performed, and directed. This is a must see at the Fringe – and a powerful story that hasn’t been told before. Go see it!!!”

-Michelle Lema

“If you have the chance, see Gracie and Rose. Time at once stands still and unfurls like barreling herd of sheep in Anastasia Coon’s world premiere piece. She seamlessly moves from character to character, fully inhabiting their private and public moments, creating an intimate, raw portrayal of these women’s lives as they try to stitch them together. Anastasia’s work with objects is surprising and viscerally effective, reinforcing the action and emotions. Fantastic!”

-Fee Doyle

“So much to say about this tantalizing piece. First off, having lived in Wyoming for many years, knowing it’s wind and fears and love and winter, I was so impressed by the authenticity of the setting. More importantly, I was touched and gifted with layers of life-windows into lives of people who loved courageously and lived tenderly. Lost in the soft texture of humanity, presented by Gracie and Rose, I found a deep gratitude for those who are willing to tell such beautiful stories. I left the theater charged with the electric love that lies behind this fragile and brave performance. Thank you for great writing, directing, sound design and acting!”

-Alice Bever


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