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Anastasia Coon, Writer/Performer:

Gracie and Rose fall in love without a clue of what that means. They’re flying on instinct in their desire to be together with no reflection back from the people around them. They build a life together – hidden in love, while living in plain sight. As they contend with the intense demands of the land, the animals, and running a ranch, Rose wants to have a baby… with George.

What audiences love about this piece is the power of transformation they get to experience – a chair becomes a pig, a ladder is a wild horse, and a rope will save your hide or punish your spirit.

“In the winter and spring of 2000 I spent time at Centre Selavy, an organic farm and theatre center in Grosbout, France,” Coon recalls. “During this time I helped with a pig slaughter, which made a strong impression. Throughout my stay I was struck by the sheer volume and intensity of work that’s required to keep a farm running. Everything else, including relationships that needed tending, came second. Necessity of survival, rather than emotions and attachments, controlled relationships among people, as well as between people and animals.”

Women Soldiers in the Civil War

When asked why she specifically set the play in Wyoming, Coon responds “I’m familiar with the way a wide-open space of land and sky, and exposure to the elements can affect people. I am especially curious about survival tactics women, men and children employ when socially isolated in rural areas, as well as in traditionally male-dominated work. I am particularly drawn to the ways this is expressed in the body.”

These stories are not being told. Lesbians are typically portrayed as punch lines, sex fiends or stereotypes. The day to day love and struggle for acceptance stories are few and far between.

A lot of people ask me if this show is based on a true story. I reply, “It’s based on true stories of women through out history that we never hear about.” Because we’re all deprived of Lesbian and Gay history, there are huge omissions in American history, history of the Western states and women around the world. “Gracie and Rose” is a small offering to share this history with all of us.

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