One Night Only!!

Sunday 9/21 at 7pm

Bad Hindu Productions is proud to co-present Anastasia Coon’s “Gracie and Rose” as an invited Guest Artist at Rise and Shine’s Sunday Special Presentations.

Get tickets here  BPT_logo_drop_smallGeneral Admission $20

Ask for Artist and Student discount codes on the GnR Facebook page

The Let Live Theater @ The Actors Company
916 N Formosa Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Small Best SoloSmall BoF

Is true love in the body worth living a lie in the world?

GRACIE AND ROSE is a solo show written by and starring Anastasia Coon, directed by Che’Rae Adams and made possible by the Center for Cultural Innovation ARC Investing in Artists Grant. It premiered at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival and continued its run as a Best of Fringe Extension.

Gracie and Rose love off the grid and live off the land in 1950’s Wyoming – where wild horses run free and appearances are deceiving. Gracie lives as George so she and Rose can be together. Is true love in the body worth the cost of living a lie in the world?

Gracie and Rose fall in love without any idea what that means.  As they contend with the intense demands of the land, the animals, and running a ranch, Rose wants to have a baby… with George.

What audiences love about this piece is the power of transformation they get to experience – a chair becomes a pig, a ladder is a wild horse, and a rope will save your hide or punish your spirit.


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